My busy spring days

I’ve been enjoying the steadily improving weather and playing outside a great deal, sometimes even WITHOUT MY SHOES! I have gotten really good at standing while holding onto things, and I know how to crawl up stairs (not so good at going down, I prefer to attempt headfirst even though the parents keep turning me around — duh, I just want to see where I am going). I also am excellent at picking up things with my pincer grasp – cheerios & puffs, fruit bits, rocks… you name it, I eat it. I even had a sandwich – yeah, that’s right, I tried my first mouthful of sand at the playground and some wood chips too. Kind of gross, but you can bet I’ll give it another shot when my mom’s not looking. It got really hot the other day, so I’ve been getting used to wearing less clothing and I love it. Who invented snowsuits anyway? I consent to wear my hat because, let’s face it, I really don’t have much hair still. I do have half a tooth, and I use it to chew (see above re: rocks, etc.). I have a lot of traveling to do this month, so I hope I get to see a lot of my fans! Enjoy the weather! (And don’t forget to click the big photo, below, for my latest photo album!)


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