Safety first!

I recently went to Solomons to try out the salt water. It was big. And I had to wear my new life jacket. (My parents made me try them on in the store and I fell over and got stranded like an upside-down turtle — who says these things are safety devices, anyway?!)

Anyway, my dad sat me on this big board and it was okay until he put me in the water. I love the bath but c’mon people, this is BIG GREEN SALTY WATER! Yeesh. I definitely put on a good show, but I couldn’t help stopping my drama when the doggie got in the water. Doggies are so cool. And Magic can swim and carry a ball in his mouth! I wish I could do that… Maybe someday.

My latest skills include crawling like a crab (shorts are not good for navigating the wood chips on the playground, so I had to adapt) in a downward-dog-type position (for you yogis out there), and DANCING! Sometimes I even sing a little bit. I love my kids’ Latin CD and Raffi, of course. I also finally have a little bit of a top tooth, which is good because I eat everything in sight. I also got a shapes puzzle as an early birthday present (whatever that means) and I knocked my mom’s socks off this morning by putting the circle piece in all by myself (dad and I have been practicing). I still love the sandbox, though now I toss sand around – love the way things fly out of shovels and cups when you wave them – so cool! And I want to go down the slide by myself head first. I can sort of go down steps backwards by myself, but I would rather face forward – wouldn’t you? I have also learned to shake and nod my head no and yes, but I am not entirely sure what this means, so I like to test it out on my parents. I am learning to understand more words and pictures – new fave word is FEET and picture is STRAWBERRY.

IMG_9934 IMG_9941 IMG_9945

IMG_9948 IMG_9949 IMG_9955

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