Lots of albums!

Hi everyone! My mom started a new job and I started daycare and I am trying to walk now and then (2 steps here, stumble, fall, that sort of thing) BUT we have some albums for you to look at. In the interest of catching up and saving time, here they are in a handy-dandy list. Get yourself a milkshake and view away!

http://www.daveandlena.com/wyeth/camera_test (some sorta oldies but goodies)

http://www.daveandlena.com/wyeth/camping (my adventure in Shenandoah!)

http://www.daveandlena.com/wyeth/splash_slurp (fun in the backyard and how much I love spaghetti)

http://www.daveandlena.com/wyeth/4th (crowded blueberry picking and 4th of July festivities in Garrett Park including my first two times in a baby pool!)

http://www.daveandlena.com/wyeth/al (mini album from a visit from my esteemed Penn/Harvard scholar Ironwoman Wes-aunt Alison)

http://www.daveandlena.com/wyeth/fireworks (Old Town celebrates the week AFTER the 4th because it’s extra olde and special)

and here’s another version of that album that I am sending to my baby friends from that weekend(birthday party followed by dinner and fireworks – whew!): http://www.daveandlena.com/old_town_july_11th

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