Hi everyone! I hope you have enjoyed my new albums, below. I have been very busy going to a farm, to Mount Vernon (where I loved the 18th century “band”), the zoo, Solomons for kayaking and my dad’s birthday, helping my parents look for a new place to live, eating all kinds of things (corn! birthday cake for my dad! fruit! more fruit! bagels and cream cheese! Indian food!!), and going to daycare where they take me to see the fish and sometimes play with the toddlers since I am such a big dude.
Not only am I a proficient walker these days, I am teaching myself to walk backwards and to RUN! I love my toys that I can push and pull, like my vintage popper and my spinning push toy. I also like to climb on things like chairs and stairs and the couch. I surprised my parents the other day by picking up a basketball and walking to the hoop and trying to shoot it. Don’t ask me where I learn these things, I’m just sporty.
I am also occasionally trying to talk. I love the big umbrella that we use on rainy days and I like to say “blella”. This morning I said “mm” for “arm”. And I say “nahnah” (banana) because I love them, “buh” (bus) because I see them out the window on the way to school, “baah” (bag) whenever my mom picks me up (I mean, I don’t want her to forget my awesome bag), “baahpaah” (backpack), and copy “mmhm” when my parents say it to me. I also bark when I hear a dog and make yum sounds and smack my lips to show eating. I know where my belly and my head and my feet are, and I like to pull my socks off, though I can’t quite get them back on. I clap my hands when I hear music that I like, and I also clap when I want more of something (my parents taught me the sign, but it’s much easier just to clap). When I am mad or tired, I bow down and touch my head on the ground. Some might say I am very dramatic, but I am just trying to get my point across. I know how to do “down dog” too even though I don’t go to yoga these days. I am working on feeding myself, but I get distracted and like to play with the food and spread it around on my tray and toss it on the floor.
Please don’t forget to visit my blog/my parents’ website – we’ll try to be better about updating it as we settle into the school year routine.

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