More snow and me

Here are some more photos of the snowstorm that came to my house yesterday. I went for a walk in the afternoon and got a lot of snow in my eyelashes. I also tried sledding with dad and it was FUN! When I got up today, we went out to the hill at the playground and went sledding again! I am not quite clear on the idea of what a sled is, and I prefer to call it “choo choo!!” My parents found me this sweet purple snowsuit (thanks Daphne!) to try out today, and I even agreed to wear my boots (what can I say? I like to keep the parents on their toes with my toddler likes/dislikes). Dad and I had some awesome sled runs – we even impressed the big kids by sledding down the steps. I make a funny face when I sled but believe me when I tell you I LOVE it – every time we get to the bottom, I tell dad, “MORE!” I went for one run with mom – she’s not so good at steering and we got covered in snow – but I forgive her.

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