I got to go to Ireland! What fun. It was a bit cold, rainy, and dark there so my parents (and I) slept a lot.
For Christmas we were in Cork.  What a funny city, it was like a giant ice skating rink and everything was super slippery.  My parents didn’t even let me walk outside.
Click on the pictures for a few images of my trip.

IMG_1937 IMG_6774
Overall I had a good time, I mean who wouldn’t when you week involves planes (choo choo!), lights, castles with ducks, sheep, cows, pigs, horses, christmas tree lights, tv, raining, fish & chips, beer, scones and breakfast foods galore… umm scones, music, milk, throwing rocks in the water, having my parents chase me around, lights, and hanging out with mom and dad.
Click here to check out our large album of pictures if you just didn’t get enough from the first 20.
Later, until my travels next week. -W

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