My Chicago visit

Last weekend, I went to Chicago for one night with my parents. IMG_7259 We got up early and took a plane, went through the totally cool tunnel between terminals B and C at the airport, drove in a red PT Cruiser to Joliet, played in a pool at a cool hotel (water toys! Animal Planet! Food Network! I love cooking shows!), and then got all gussied up to go to a wedding. I wore a sweater vest (thanks, Melissa!). We saw Darrin and Megan get married. They did a good job – they had candles and music and when people prayed out loud, I did too. I wasn’t too keen on having my photo taken with my parents, as you can see. Then we rested at our hotel and I ate lots of cheese. Then we went to the reception: that place was pretty awesome. They had at least 3 bahbos (fires) and a VERY shiny floor (few things make me walk slow, but that floor was fascinating). I also liked the giant Christmas tree and the door lock next to it. I did a really good job staying up late and waiting for cake. My parents think cake is very important and Darrin told me it would be tasty. The next day, I went to the pool again, and then to Evanston to see all my old friends and some new babies. I was really happy to see them all and eat snacks with them (sorry for putting the pretzels that I licked back into the bowl – I’m still learning): Kathryn, whose house we went to and who made us tasty bread and cookies, Megan, Laura, Alyson, Daphne & Brady & Terra & Kaya, Claire & John & Eleanor, and Jessamyn & Nick & Elena (the first people outside of a hospital to ever meet me) – thanks for coming over – we were really happy to see you and we miss you! I finally made it home pretty late on Sunday night – I was a star on the plane, as usual. Check it all out here.

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