February is here!

Backtracking a week or so – February has arrived! I went to the National Building Museum with my parents and played in the Building Zone (the room for little people) and ran around the big main floor. I highly recommend it if you like buckets of blocks, magnets, fountains, and RUNNING, like I do. It snowed a few times and I like to say, “Nooooo! Much!”, which means, “Look! Wow! That’s a lot of snow!” even though I haven’t quite grasped the meaning of “much” – I know my parents are amused when I say it. My grandma Jo and aunt Day (Kay) came to visit and we had a big brunch at my Keswick grandparents’ house with Paul visiting too and it snowed. And then it snowed during the week and I got to stay home and play in the morning for a while. And then it snowed on Friday and we went home early. That really is MUCH snow. IMG_7484

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