March is a tiger – rarrrrr!

Hey everyone! I’ve been really busy but now that my spring break is starting, I thought I’d have a chance to blog. I have been talking up a storm – more words every day – and sometimes I totally shock even my parents (who are the ones who kind of understand most of what I say) with my knowledge. For example, on St. Patrick’s Day my mom held up my Irish rugby shirt and showed me the back and I said “number!” – it’s got #13 on it ’cause I’m cool like that. Also, when I see words on a sign or page, I say, “name!” and sometimes I even let people read the words in books to me. I find it very interesting that all those marks mean something. Often it’s the same thing over and over in my favorite books, but sometimes the parents change it up on me to keep my attention. I do like to say that whatever they call “letter D” is a moon. Because moons ROCK and I love them. If you draw with me, you will be required to draw a moon over and over and over. Two other things I say now that are very useful for getting my point across are “shy!”, when I get a little concerned about unfamiliar people or people overload, and “share!” when someone wants to take something I have, like when my friend Austin at school tries to read the same book as me (he’s got a big brother so he’s really good at grabbing things he wants – I am taking lessons). I have also recently started saying “look” when I want to go see something (like the neighbors’ toy car – gosh I love those little plastic ride-in cars, even though I can’t get them to drive forwards), and “hand” when I want to drag you out of your seat or take me for a walk to see if there’s a bulldozer at the construction site down the street. I also say “bring” when mom and dad ask me if I want to take my juice or snack with me to daycare in the morning or leave it in the car. To emphasize my points, sometimes I sign, which I mostly learned at school (especially “EAT”), though I recently picked up “please” from my mom. I also stomp my feet when I say “no”, which is pretty cute and makes my parents giggle even though they aren’t supposed to. I sometimes follow directions, but still only when I feel like it. Basically, I am learning a lot and doing a pretty good job of making myself clear. It doesn’t always work though, and then I cry dramatically.
Recently, I had a full-on temper tantrum over food, which is pretty unusual for me since I generally like to eat and am definitely a creature of routine (yeah, I am pretty much like a clock – toddler time zone – eat/sleep/play/meltdown/mellow out right on schedule – don’t mess with it). Dad got a package of animal crackers from Grandma Elin and I decided I wanted them (even though usually I don’t much care about cookies, which always surprises the parents). It was dinner time, however, so they said NO. I threw the cracker bag and cried. No luck. I flung myself on the floor and spouted angry tears (I am really good at that – like a cartoon – they shoot out of my eyes). Again, no dice. I stomped my feet and banged my hands on the floor – at the same time even! The parents held their ground and kept saying “eat your bowl of chicken and THEN you can have animal crackers”. My mom has made this point before – eat 3 bites and you’re done and I sort of get it. But I was PISSED, so whatever. After about 20 minutes, I was so hungry that I folded. Completely. I got in my chair and scarfed down some delicious grilled chicken and whaddya know, the parents GAVE ME ANIMAL CRACKERS! I tried crying a little less the next night and – wow – it worked again! This time I didn’t even really want the cheerios I’d been asking for, but I tried a few anyway.
Other things I like: pushing buttons – that’s not new, but I know how to get the rice cooker out of the closet and push the buttons on it. The light in my parents’ room that has a button you can push with your foot – they gave up on that battle since I am pretty safe with it and haven’t been overdoing it lately. Plugs – the big folks say “danger! danger!” but I am just interested in how things fit together. My trucks – I have a bulldose, a darbage tuck, and a dup tuck. Making towers – big ones in the basement and little ones with my shape blocks – I even get over my own frustration at times when the blocks fall by saying “house” and building something a bit lower. Occasionally, I put things in a line and then mom and dad say “wow, a line!”. My parents’ shoes – awfully fun – the other day I was wearing dad’s brown shoes and I called them “challah shoes” because, hey folks, challah is brown! (There’s a picture of it in my Counting Colors book and I love to say my colors and Debe Paul showed me challah when he was here – funny the things I remember…) Reading – I am really into my books these days – as you can see from the photos, I often read in my crib before nap – I have a Richard Scarry book about “Cars and Trucks and Things that Go” that is just AWESOME, and I love all the Eric Carl books we have – fruit, animals, colors – hello, what could be better?! I also like really my “I’m a big brother” book, but, like, I don’t really get why I have that one, and “Goodnight Moony” and, of course, the drawings of babies and toddlers in the American Academy of Pediatrics 0-5 manual. I also like to get my cups and snack trap out by myself and, sometimes, to pick what clothes I want to wear (“dots! stipes!”).
I am super duper excited that it’s getting nice out because I LOVE to play outside. Especially to walk through the bushes on the side of the house – my hideout – and to put my blue rubber ball into the bushes like a squirrel. I also like to touch the tree and say “bark! more bark!” Dad just put a table on the porch, which I think is just awesome – eating OUTSIDE?! Too cool. I’ve been enjoying my stroller again and seeing all the birds and dogs and kids and toys on people’s lawns. I also like to RUN and am learning how to jump and walk on my tiptoes. Sometimes I play soccer with dad and run around and shout “docka docka docka” and wave my arms up and down and even kick the ball, though usually I prefer to carry it.
One more funny thing and then you can look at my pictures: I call myself “Dah-deess”, which I’ve done for a while, but this morning my mom got me to show my dad how I can say “w-, w-“, which is apparently the “real” first sound of my name. So I can say, “W-, W-, Dahdeess”, which makes my parents crack up. They’re so weird sometimes. More updates soon…

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