Emory – Week 2

Hey everyone, Emory here, back online! Now I am 2 weeks old and getting good at typing, though I don’t have a ton of time to blog or post photos because I am so busy sleeping, eating, and growing. Wyeth is teaching me so much – he shows me all his toys (trucks and animals, especially) and books and sometimes even lets me try out the little chair that he used to sit in.
Hi friends, it’s me, Wyeth. Emory’s pretty good with the computer, but I said I would help out. I have been such a big boy with him around – I even said “Bye Mommy! Bye Baby Emmay!” this morning when I went to daycare. I am really into giggling and repeating fun-sounding words and I pretty much talk nonstop. I love the new shopping carts and the class fish (it’s blue) at school and I still love having books in my bed. Mom and I saw a snake in the base the other day – that was pretty wild – Dad took it outside but not before dropping it in the kitchen – Mom screamed and I got scared for a second – but I recovered admirably. I also screamed when Baby Emmay spit up in my bed. I didn’t really do it on purpose (sometimes I just shriek for fun) but my parents thought it was hilarious. We went to the plant store the other day and got some seeds and we are going to plant them. Mom and Dad also got me a watering can and I am learning to use it on the marigolds we planted. Mostly I throw the water around, but I’m getting the hang of it. Check out our latest photos and our matching pajamas.

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