Emory's 3rd week & visitors

Emory: I am 3 weeks old now, going on 4, and here is a photo recap of some of my latest doings. Debe and Wawa visited us and gave me some new suits (Grandma Elin says everyone should be able to poop in their own clothes) and Wyeth went swimming at their hotel and they made some dinners for our parents. Wyeth and I helped plant herbs and a pepper plant and a strawberry plant and gourds and flowers in my mom’s awesome new wooden planters that my dad made. Debe and Wawa found Wyeth his own watering can – I hope he shares with me one day. Wyeth also got a way cool new digger book in the mail from Ari and Autumn that he likes so much he takes it to bed. They sent me a round panda, which is good because I like things that are black and white. I like to look around and waggle my arms and I like milk, though sometimes it gives me a bellyache. Now that I am 3 weeks old, I yell to let mom and dad know this. Sometimes I spit up a little bit and sometimes I spit up a lot. I like my green pacifier sometimes and I am working on this whole napping/being awake/sleeping at night thing. I’ll post some more photos soon. Wyeth was sick most of the week, so we all got a little tired out.

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