Late spring

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Hi everyone! We’ve been busy lately, being sick, growing, and taking photos of ourselves. (Okay, so mom & dad take the photos…)
Wyeth: more fun words I say that are my very own: “meemeese” (music), “toggie” (frog), and “dahbees” (strawberries). Most everything else comes out as a pretty close approximation of the real thing. I repeat everything and talk ALL THE TIME NONSTOP I KEEP TALKING UNTIL YOU REPEAT ME AND THEN I SAY SOMETHING ELSE AND I TALK TO MYSELF AND TO YOU AND TO BABY EMMY AND THEN I SAY SOME MORE STUFF. I love to read and can fill in the words in a lot of books if you ask me (“Good night bears, good night _____”). I also enjoy helping to water the flowers though I occasionally pour all the water into one pot and this morning I even dumped out a pot of dirt. Then I said, “OOPS” for half of the ride to school. Working on my nefarious chuckle as well…I have a new food that I really like that makes mom proud: raisins! And let me tell you how glad I am that it’s fresh fruit season!
Emory: I am working on smiling in addition to grunting and crying. I got the yucky cough that was going around (so did mom & dad) and now I cough very dramatically. How can you blame me? I love love love to sit and sleep in my swing, and I LOVE the fan on the porch – today I smiled and talked to it (that was previously reserved for mom, dad, and Wyeth). I am working hard on getting my hand into my mouth – it’s really quite difficult and frustrating. Mom says maybe next week. When is that?
Check us out – playing, strawberry picking (pre-tantrum); sprinkler-ing; using the GPS; on the C&O canal trail; at Sarah’s tennis match (yeah 2nd at States!); in our first bath together (Emory pooped but Dada rescued Wyeth right in time); and having fun visits from Gramma Jo, Katie, and Sammy and his parents, Dan & Caroline!

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