End of June

We had some more cool visitors a couple weekends ago. They even came in a yellow car. Yellow is the color of many bulldozers. Awi and Odim (Ari and Autumn) came and played with me’n’BabyEmmy and cooked a lot of lummy food. Then last week, Mommy and Dada went to the dentist – totally weird – but I managed to bravely sit on Mommy’s lap for her cleaning (I think she needed me there) and I got a plastic boat from the hygienist.
Three funny things to tell, by Wyeth:
– Last Friday morning, I woke up demanding (deMANding!) bagels. I even lay down on the kitchen floor and moaned, “baaaaaagels!” But alas, the weather had gotten the best of them and they had molded. Fortunately, we went to the dentist and so we got to go get bagels afterward. As we walked to the store, mom and dad kept reminding me about the bagels because I was getting distracted and walking slow. I suddenly caught on to why we had to hurry (finally! the bagels!) and said, “Favit food!” Not sure I fully grasp what “favorite” means, but I do like bagels. And blueberries. And chocolate milk.
– On that same walk, I froze and couldn’t get across the street because I saw someone driving our car. Mom kept telling me it was someone else’s but that was SO WEIRD. Even after she showed me ah cah parked on the next block, I still couldn’t believe it. Apparently the other car had different license plates, but I am not sure I buy that explanation.
– On our evening walk we saw a car with pineapples on the hubcaps. My mom said it was a Saab, but, whatever, thems some pineapples (if you look at it upside down).
Some other things in our photos: our hot hot HOT trip to the zoo, Wyeth & Emory meeting iPhones for the first time, more time in the pool…

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