First half of July

July is here and we’ve been working and playing hard. We’ve done some more swimming, had some visitors (Jim & Meghan – we took them to the naynoun), went to a birthday party (Wyeth in his sweater vest, a.k.a. party shirt), endured another heat wave complete with overnight power outage, and watched fireworks from the National Cathedral – seems we just can’t stay away from that place!
Baby Emmy is working on grabbing things and shoving them in his mouth, chewing his finger, and sleeping a tiny bit more. Wyeth is working on saying his own name (“Dah-deess” is becoming “Wyess”) and stringing together impossibly long sentences for someone who is not yet 2. He is rocking out with his Automoblox and telling what music he likes from Pandora (Twinkle Star and anything from the Baby Einstein album – “like dis meemees!”). Wyess continues to go to school and play with the ever-popular shopping cart there, and Baby Emmy continues to go with Mommy to work and hang out in his swing and do spit up demonstrations for the 12-month employees at lunch. Dada is saving us from see-rull [cereal] and Wyess likes to tell Mommy to “buy wice tipsies”.

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