More mid-July

Still a week behind here, folks, but that seems to be how we roll. Highlights, by Wyeth and Emory:
1) Carrot muffins – yum. Mama’s birthday baking book is a hit!
2) Rain – Wyeth was planning to go out and try his new baby pool in the morning, but it rained! The rain was delightful and Wyeth got to play in his raingear.
3) The zoo – We thought it would stop raining, but instead we had a damp trip to the zoo that turned out to be very nice because it was unusually quiet. We saw the panda napping and visited the small mammal house, which we have skipped in the past but turned out to be cool (and not smelly!). The big hit was the meerkats (them with us and us with them!).
4) Emory is getting really good at being on his belly. He even flops over (by mistake) sometimes!
5) Old Town (again!) – This week we went to Michael’s house for a party before the Alexandria fireworks; they have them a week late – apparently when you are 300 years old, you get to do what you want. Wyeth played with Michael and Sam in the beer bucket and we watched the fireworks and stayed up really late.
Here we are!

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