September 2010 recap

Whoa! September came and went! Happy Birthday to Dada – loo are tee and one! We have done all kinds of stuff this month in addition to going to school, which we loo-oo-oove. School is great because we get to visit each other and have some very nice teachers. Wyeth likes going to the park and playing in the motor room and reading about buses and driving de tars on de deck, and Emory likes riding in the stroller, watching all the action with the other 5 babies exactly his age, and jumping in the jumper. At home, Emory has a new eating chair just like Wyeth’s, which is good, because he likes to eat. And eat. And eat. Especially bananas and, lately, squash. Yummers. Applesauce, not so much. Wyeth has recently discovered dessert, and has the words to ask for it. (“Want some take. Want some ice teem!”) We’ve gotten a range of weather this month, from 95+ to 60s, blazing sun and inches of rain, but that hasn’t stopped us from going to Solomon’s (Wyeth’s first beeeg boat ride!), going to the zoo, going on some hikes (including the Billy Goat trail – no camera for that one, as it was hard enough for Mommy and Dada to carry the two boys in backpacks), and going to the naynound.
We’re ready for you, October – Emory is turning 1/2 and is rolling around and sitting and we’re all just trying to keep up!

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