April = celebration time

Hi everyone! Before May is over, we thought we better go back and recap April for you. April was FUN! Not least because it started with Emmy’s 1st birthday, but also because:
– We went (at the spur of the moment) on a boat trip up and down the canal in Georgetown (horses! ropes! rain! locks!)
– We went to the kids’ day at the Swedish Embassy (Ikea! Brio!)
– We had 2 cakes for Em’s birthday – both with delicious chocolate frosting and ribs for his birthday dinner (he liked them!)
– We had a visit from Debe and saw the cherry blossoms (around the corner in Kenwood – no downtown crowds)
– We went to the zoo and watched the panda eat bamboo
– Em decided he liked books
– Wyeth dyed Easter eggs for the first time (most favorite part: the car stickers that came with them)
– We had an express interfaith seder with Gwama Elin and Gwampa Chowlie complete with Wyeth following along on his own seder plate
– We went to Easter at the Cathedral with Gwama and Gwampa (we sat in the back seats by the organ – whoa)
– We got some cool bats and balls from the Easter bunny, along with some treats (raisins! jelly beans!)
Check it all out

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