Summer begins!

June has been a busy month for us – finishing up the school year, watching our garden grow in the awesome containers that dad built, eating popsicles (Wyeth likes green!), trying out pools (our little one and the BIG one with our WINGS), doing fun activities like painting and the big cars’n’trucks playground when mom or dad takes a break from work or when the Aunties and Wamma Elin come over, going on “katie’s small boat” (Emmy’s first boat ride!), and going to the beach (run in the water! throw sand and rocks! run in the water! jump in the water! throw sand!). We even sort of tried crabs, but we prefer grapes. We are really into dance parties these days and love the ‘mo-de-buddies’ song that was on a cd from Aunt Kay. We also had a real party with our friends from daycare – we used our slip’n’slide and ate a lot of cookies. We’ve got a short version (34) and a long version (89) of this latest set of photos – enjoy!

p.s. Thanks to so many people for coming to Emory’s naming last month – we will see if we can get some of those photos up from Wamma Jo.

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