Spring Break in Puerto Rico

Here is our trip to Puerto Rico where we stayed chez Great Grandma Katherine. We had so much fun doing the beach-pool-snack-nap-pool route. We survived not having our bag for one day and we even watched “Mamma Mia”. We liked looking at and acting like the pelicans (you’ll see us posing), eating frozen fruit, wearing lots of sunscreen (okay, we didn’t like that as much), playing in the sand, throwing the sand, digging in the sand, and splashing around. We enjoyed not having to be in the car too much, though we did go on one hike led by Wyeth in El Yunque and, of course, to Wal-Mart. We liked the occasional rainstorms and hanging out with GGK, who graciously put up with some of our temper tantrums and let us borrow her golf cart until we made it smoke (oops).


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